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Discover the Benefits of Dental Implants

Experiencing the loss of one or more teeth can be both uncomfortable and detrimental to your oral health. Dental implants emerge as the premier solution for tooth replacement, offering a robust foundation for attaching a crown or denture. Contrasting with removable dentures, dental implants, crafted from durable titanium, are securely anchored into the jawbone and topped with aesthetically pleasing crowns or dentures

Why Opt for Dental Implants?

  • Mimic the function and appearance of natural teeth
  • Aid in averting bone loss, an advantage over traditional dentures
  • Offer a long-term solution, eliminating the hassle of removing teeth
  • Provide stability and strength, enhancing chewing efficiency and speech clarity
  • With diligent care, they are engineered to serve you lifelong

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Our Dental Implant Services

Revitalize a Smile with All-On-4 Dental Implants—Immediate Placement Dentures

Explore the transformative All-On-4 dental implant procedure which utilizes four dental implants to deliver enduring full arch support for dentures or crowns. This treatment is lauded by patients for its effectiveness, ease, and cost-efficiency, gifting you a renewed smile in just a single appointment!

Single Dental Implant Solution

Should you find yourself with a missing tooth, a solitary dental implant coupled with a crown acts as an excellent substitute, replacing both the lost tooth and its root seamlessly.

Multiple Dental Implants

In cases of multiple missing teeth, opting for implantsupported bridges is the recommended pathway. Unlike removable partials and bridges, implant-supported bridges eliminate the need for support from adjacent teeth, while also promoting jawbone health and integrity.

Denture Stabilization Implants

For individuals facing challenges in securing their dentures, denture stabilization implants present a promising resolution. Drs. Chirla will proficiently place implants, and adeptly retrofit your dentures, ensuring a firm hold, thereby enhancing your chewing and speech capabilities.

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Actual Dental Implant Patient Results

This patient had previous dental work done in Europe. One of the most common restorative treatments is long span bridges attaching all the teeth together. He had not been to a dentist in many years.

His bridges were essentially floating because of severe periodontal disease. The teeth would slowly move out of their sockets and when he would bite down they would go back in. He could not function well enough to eat properly anymore, and knew that it was starting to affect his overall health.

Our treatment plan consisted of extraction of all remaining teeth and extensive bone grafting of the upper and lower arches. Because of the amount of bone destruction, we could not place implants at the time of extraction.

He wore regular dentures for approximately four months while his bone regenerated, then we performed his implant surgery. He now has full upper and lower overdentures on implants. He is enjoying eating whatever he wants with no more pain and discomfort. His teeth no longer move or shift and he is couldn’t be happier with his new smile.

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A Few Words From Our Patients

“Talk about striking gold! Reached out and tried Dental Arts of Wadsworth since my previous dentist retired. Have really been treated so well, and they have gone way above and beyond to accommodate my needs with repairs and issues with dental appliances. Wonderful dental office. Both father and son, Drs. Chirla, are gifted and knowledgeable and I’m so glad to have found their practice. Rachel, JJ & staff and assistants are super pleasant, helpful and professional. Quite pleased with all work thus far & have recommended them to others!” — BEV M.

“Dr. Chirla and his team are beyond amazing. The experience that I’ve had in just my first few appointments has changed how I feel about going to a dentist. Every single person in the office is personable and friendly. You will get a break down of everything and I mean everything. You give them you’re insurance and the work that needs done to you’re teeth. They kindly tell you what is covered and what is not and the reasons why. How much each tooth will cost and the work being done. Why the work needs done. If you don’t want what they recommend, they listen with no problem. I can assure that you want to listen to these amazing people. I was scared to even go to my first appointment due to a strong lack of hygiene and past experiences. My teeth were in deplorable conditions…cavities and decay all over. Dr. Chirla gave me my confidence back. He did everything he possibly could and more with the help of his amazing team. My appointments have been hours long and not easy to say the least. I’m literally awe struck with how amazing my teeth look. If you are anxious or worried and don’t want to be judged you need to come to Dr. Chirla. You will not be disappointed.” — PAUL G.

“From the very first visit, I felt like I was family. Office banter totally relaxed me. I had two implants – one very old one to be replaced and a new one. Everything went smoothly and easily with the newer one. The old one was a true challenge and Dr Philip Chirla persevered, took on the challenge and succeeded. Most grateful to everyone!” — MARY K.

Meet Your Dental Implant Dentists


I was raised by parents who taught me to love God, be kind, and help people. I had a dentist relative who mentored me. I was able to observe what he did and how he cared for people. It made me realize that dentistry is the perfect profession to do what my parents instilled in me as a young child.

My favorite thing about dentistry is to not only help people but to be able to take them out of pain. I also love performing surgery and have crafted this skill for over 25 years.

What sets me apart from other dentists is that in our practices, we are highly trained in every aspect of dentistry. It is important to me to be able to care for everything the patient may need to bring them into optimal oral health. We rarely send our patients to other practitioners.

My patient philosophy has always been to love them, serve them and treat them like family. Chasing money or procedures is not in our DNA. Excellent dentistry is.

My vision of the future for our practices is to be known as the dental office where no matter what complex dental issue a patient may have we are the ones to solve and treat it.


I grew up with the smell of the dental office on my dad’s clothes when he would come home from work. As kids, we would run up to him and jump in his arms. I became very fond of that smell and in turn very fond of dentistry. The dental office in Akron was like a second home for me growing up.

I knew early on in life that I wanted to be a doctor of some kind and to help people by working with my hands. I also enjoyed business very much and wanted to have something that I could call my own. Dentistry fit this like a glove, and there is nothing else I’d ever consider doing. I know this is my life path.

What sets me apart from other dentists is my drive to succeed. I want to learn more, to implement more technology, and ultimately, I chase perfection in every dental treatment I provide. One of the worst things you can do as a professional is reach a point where you stop learning or where you think you have learned enough and become complacent.

My patient philosophy is that the needs of the patient always come first. Everyone is different and what might be important to one person may not matter to another. I approach every patient uniquely, tailoring treatment plans to their needs to address their problem while also improving their overall health and preventing future issues.

My vision of my future as a dentist is to be able to perform more extensive and complex surgical and restorative procedures for my patients.

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