Executive Manager

In our office we pride ourselves with happy and satisfied patients! Our patients and friends deserve a dental experience, not an appointment – and this bears tremendous responsibility!

As our Executive Manager, the one who best helps address these aspects is Nancy. She is efficient, detail oriented, meticulous, knowledgeable and friendly. Her gentle touch, caring heart, empathy and a great sense of humor have impacted the lives of many. Her role helps us continue to deliver excellent patient care while enhancing it with staff participation! She balances out in a wonderful way kindness, caring, and friendship, with leadership. Our family of patients knows her closely because of the exceptional rapport she establishes with everyone!

Nancy takes the time to discuss and explain treatment plans, details the specifics of diagnoses and treatment recommendations, addresses every question pertaining to dental care, clarifies financial responsibilities, and helps our patients navigate through insurance coverage clarifications, various payment opportunities, and other reasonable options.

Nancy became part of our team in January 1998. She graduated in 1987 from Ohio State University, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and an Associate Degree in Dental Hygiene. The first years of her professional life in Dentistry were invested in the office of a specialist in Periodontal Disease. In the past several years she also attended courses at The Midwest Implant Institute and Jameson Management courses for dental professionals.

Nancy’s personal life is focused around her husband Daniel and their two children, Jenna and Jared. As a family, they are actively involved in the local community. Nancy is spearheading various community programs within the local school districts and through these platforms, she helps emphasize the importance of educating school-aged children on adequate oral hygiene and dental health.